Shiny Demo - PCA/Kmeans/Prediction Models

  • Chefs: Minsu Kang, Sang-Hoon Cho
  • Details: Explore infinite possibilities of R for visualizing your big data, models, and ... great ideas!!!
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  • Chefs: Sang-Hoon Cho, HeeChan Kim, Gunseog Kang
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  • Details: Sample Cohort DB supplied by National Health Insurance Service is a valuable resource for statistical studies as well as for health and medical studies. It takes usually a great deal of time and effort in extracting data from this Cohort DB having a large size. As such, we introduce a database system, conveniently called NICE Tool(National health Insurance service Cohort DB Extract Tool), which supports several useful operations for effectively and efficiently managing the Cohort DB. For example, researchers can extract variables and cases related with their study by simply clicking a computer mouse without any prior knowledge regarding SAS DATA step or SQL. We expect that NICE Tool will facilitate faster extraction of data and will eventually lead to the active use of the Cohort DB for research purposes.