Manuscript: Efficient Cross-Trait Penalized Regression Increases Prediction Accuracy in Large Cohorts using Secondary Phenotypes (Chung et al. (2019))
Download: CTPR Github


Manuscript: Grid-based Gaussian Process Models for Longitudinal Genetics Data (Chung et al. (2022))
Download: GridGP Github


Manuscript: Mixed Effects Models for GAW18 Longitudinal Blood Pressure Data (Chung et al. (2014)), Bayesian mixed models for longitudinal genetic data: theory, concepts, and simulation studies (Chung et al. (2022)), Bayesian analysis of longitudinal traits in the Korea Association Resource (KARE) cohort (Chung et al. (2022))
Download: GridBayes Github


Manuscript: Heritability and Genomics of Gene Expression in Peripheral Blood (Wright et al. (2014)), Integrative Approaches for Large-scale Transcriptome-Wide Association Studies (Gusev et al. (2016)), A Genome-Wide Cross-Trait Analysis from UK Biobank Highlights the Shared Genetic Architecture of Asthma and Allergic Diseases (Zhu et al. (2018))
Download: twinfamily.tar.gz